Platinum Samples - Engineered Drums for BFD
Joe Barresi Evil Drums for BFD
Andy Johns Classic Drums for BFD
Jim Scott Rock Drums for BFD
Henry Hirsch Manic Love Drum Samples for BFD
Evil Drums for Accent
Galaxy Drums for Accent
Desert Drums for Accent
Glamouflage Quickpack for BFD
Rock Legends Drum Sample Library
Real Jazz MIDI Groove Library
Real Jazz MIDI Groove Library
Real Blues MIDI Drum Loops Library
Real Latin MIDI Drum Loops Library
Real Reggae MIDI Drum Loops Library
Real Country MIDI Drum Loops Library
Evil Drums Eco Kit 1
Andy Johns Session Drummer 3 Kit 1
Military Cadence MIDI Groove Library
“I have used these samples on almost every mix I've done since I got them. Super natural sounding! I don't have to work to cover up the fact that I'm using a sample, and that makes me very happy.” - Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blink-182)
“Platinum Samples is synonymous with quality. Beautifully recorded, with ultimate flexibilty no kit need ever sound the same. Add to this the secret techniques of Evil Joe Barresi and drummers who suck should beware.” - Atticus Ross (NIN, Korn, The Social Network)

“I love the detail and realism of the Platinum Samples drums. They are a perfect balance between sounding raw and natural and having the color and texture that only comes from a world-class engineer using the best drums, room, and recording equipment. Never before has it been this easy to get such cool and inspiring drum sounds. Highly recommended.” - Steve MacMillan (Seal)

SOS 5 stars

"Platinum Samples have created a fantastic-sounding, highly-tweakable and, most importantly of all, very usable library — which has become my de facto starting point for BFD." - Matt Houghton, Sound On Sound, July 2008
(Joe Barresi Evil Drums review)

SOS 5 stars

"I've not heard better. A brilliant addition to the BFD stable!" - Matt Houghton, Sound On Sound, Jan. 2007
(Andy Johns Classic Drums review)
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