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Joe Barresi Evil Drums

Tracking Notes






Joe chose to record the Evil Drums collection at his two favorite drum rooms, using the exact same recording process he's used on numerous album projects. With expert use of the studios' Neve consoles, analog tape and his own (secret) esoteric collection of mic preamps, equalizers and compressors, Joe has created a diverse collection of drum sounds. And with individual control of the direct tracks, the stereo room and the compressed mono room in BFD it's possible to create an amazing amount of different styles from the same kits.

The Microphones
Kick Inside & Outside Sennheiser 421, Neumann 47 FET, Audio Technica ATM 25
Snare Top Shure SM57, Neumann KM86
Snare Bottom Shure SM57
Hat AKG 452EB , Neumann KM84
Toms Sennheiser 421, Neumann u87, AKG 414EB
OH's Neumann u67's, Violet Amethyst Vintage, Coles 4038's (pairs)
Ride Neumann KM84, AKG 452EB
Room Neumann u87's, Royer 121's (pairs)
Mono Room ("PZM") Neumann m49 tube, Sony C500, Sennheiser 441, Neumann u47,
Violet Globe, Violet Flamingo
The Consoles


The Tape Factor

Photo of Joe courtesy of Pete Martinez

Mic Placement
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