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Recorded at the decommissioned Blue Wave Productions which was an amazing studio with a medium size diffusion room.  This means that you could get that huge room sound, but still get nice dry overhead mic sounds.  The perfect combination. 

The cornerstone of the studio was a meticulously maintained vintage API 2488 console.  The preamps were unbelievable with the signature API sound which we abused during the tracking of this library.

Includes 2 full kits plus 4 Snares, a Cowbell and Hand Claps (with as many as 25 round robins for ultimate realism)

Includes over 400 Grooves

Includes Platinum Samples Accent drum virtual instrument


About the Galaxy Drums Sample Library


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Galaxy Drums is the first sample library created by Space Cabin Audio. This ground-breaking drum library encompasses heavyweight studio drum tones and an extensive depth of dynamics with acute sensitivity and attack. Galaxy Drums includes two, four-piece drum kits, 4 snares, 2 HiHats, 3 crash cymbals, 2 ride cymbals, a china, and a splash cymbal.  It also comes with a Cowbell and Hand Claps.

The kits recorded were chosen for their superior tonality and versatility. With the choice of a vintage maple drum set and a custom stainless steel kit this collection provides a variety of massive toms and punchy warm bass drum opportunities. The four highly sought after snare drums create options for different metal and wood snares that give you the advantage of finding the perfect accompaniment for your specific musical requirements. With a wide range of tones that vary in color and attack, you have the ability to script the ultimate combination to accomplish the perfect accents.

Powered by Platinum Samples incredible new Accent engine, Galaxy Drums is able to offer the most expressive configurable and ultimately the most awesome sounding mix ready virtual drum package on the market today.

The Accent user interface offers a quickly navigable design with large icon buttons for each page along the top, quick access to preset loading and visual displays for timeline location, tempo and groove library selection, system memory usage and MIDI data indicator as well as playback control of the inbuilt groove player and volume output level.

The Stage windows of the Plug-in interface shows you a familiar and intuitive kit construction layout and kit piece browser where you can view, audition and select components of the Galaxy drum kit library.

The elegant user interface was modeled after the very console the drums were recorded through.  A vintage 1976 API 2488 Console.  This desk was responsible for all kinds of hits.  From children's records nominated for Grammy’s, to blues records that would go on to win Juno’s.  Even Jessica Simpson and 98 Degrees used it.   Bands like Moist and 54/40 would change the landscape of the Canadian music scene through the magic of this board.  It was a not only a console, but a piece of magic that everyone who used it felt.  It had emotion.  It had character.  It had a soul.  We did our best to get these qualities into the user interface.  (Hint: Use your favorite 550A emulation on inserts 2-4 and you will have a near perfect emulation of this amazing desk!)

The samples are formatted for Platinum Samples Accent and are available at 48kHz/24 bit.

Instrument List
System Requirements
Kit 1 - 1972 Gretsch Stop Sign Badge
Kick 14 x 22”
Rack Tom: 8 x 12”
Floor Tom: 16 x 16”
Kit 2 - 2012 Dunnett Custom Stainless Steel
Kick 14 x 24”
Rack Tom: 9 x 13”
Floor Tom: 16 x 16”
Ludwig LM 402 Supraphonic: 14 x 6.5"
Dunnett Custom Classic Stainless Steel: 14 x 6.5"
Yamaha Manu Katche Brass: 14 x 5.5"
Ludwig Coliseum Chrome Over Wood: 14 x 8"
Crash 1 – Sabian AAX Xplosion 18”
Crash 2 – Sabian AAX 16”
Crash 3 – Sabian AAX 19”
HiHat 1 – Sabian HHX Evolution 14”
HiHat 2 – Paiste 2002 15”
Ride 1 – Sabian AA Dry Ride 21”
Ride 2 – Sabian Hand Hammered Vintage 22”
China – Sabian AA 18”
Splash – Sabian AA 10”
Hand Claps
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 (32-bit & 64-bit), Pentium4-based CPU or better (Windows)
Intel Mac, OSX 10.7 or higher
4 GB of RAM
7200 rpm HDD with a minimum of 15 GB free hard disc space
Internet connection for product authorization and 15 GB download
Uses PACE hard drive/system or iLok 2 copy protection (no iLok required)
VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats

AAX is a registered trademark of Avid Technology, Inc.
Audio Units is a registered trademark of Apple Computer.
VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, registered in Europe and other countries.


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