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Desert Drums


Recorded in small dry rooms using vintage kits from the 60's - Dampened to stop practically all resonance, Desert Drums are so dry we had to name them after the driest place on earth

Includes 2 Kick drums, 4 Snares, 6 Toms (Hi, Mid, Low) plus 3 Concert Toms (no bottom heads), 2 Hihats, 4 Crash Cymbals and 2 Ride Cymbals as well as a Tambourine, High and Low Claves, a muted Cowbell and a Shaker

16 velocity layers with up to 12 round robins per layer for ultimate realism

Extensive Groove library included

Includes Platinum Samples Accent drum virtual instrument


About the Desert Drums Sample Library


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Desert Drums are the industry’s most comprehensive collection of dry drums. We either go big, or we go home. We went big.

Using two different studios, two different vintage Rogers drum kits, and a variety of vintage cymbals and snares, Desert Drums gives you the ability to sculpt a truly unique dry drum sound. Go from vintage to modern just by switching the kit, or even combine the elements to add spice and flavor.

Kit #1 is a vintage Rogers Holiday ‘68. This beautiful Champagne Sparkle kit has a truly unique 20x14 kick drum with the front skin removed, a 12x8 rack tom that is tuned in 2 different ways to give you a second rack tom, and a 16x16 floor tom. On top of this we sampled a Ludwig Supraphonic 400 and a Slingerland Radio King. Each of these drums were meticulously tuned, dampened, and sampled to give you immense playability. It was recorded at Tugboat Studio in Vancouver. This is a small dry room and the recording really benefited from it. This is the vintage dry drum sound that everyone is after.

Kit #2 is a Rogers Holiday ‘69. This beautiful Red Onyx kit consists of a 24x14 kick drum that will give you a boom that will shake your socks off. The rack tom is 13x9 tuned two different ways to give you a second rack tom, and a 16x16 floor tom. Add a Black Beauty Snare and a Woods Custom Snare and you have a very modern approach to the dry drum sound. Each of these drums were tuned and dampened to give you a truly unique dry drum sound. Recordings took place at Echoplant Studio B in Vancouver. This room is small enough to get an amazing dry drum tone but also has an amazing echo chamber that was sampled as part of the recording process. This kit will give you a truly massive dry drum sound with the added ability to add the echo chamber into the mix.

But why stop there? We didn’t. We also added percussion. With clave’s, a tambourine, a muted cowbell, and shakers, there is no stopping your creativity.

Desert Drums are the result of over a year of work and experimentation to deliver what the industry has been screaming for. The perfect dry drum sound.

The samples are formatted for Platinum Samples Accent and are available at 48kHz/24 bit.




Instrument List
System Requirements
Kit 1 - Vintage Rogers 69 Champagne Sparkle
Kick: 20 x 14”
Snare 1: Ludwig Supraphonic 400 14 x 5"
Snare 2: Slingerland Radio King 14 x 7"
Rack Tom 1: 8 x 12" (Tuned higher)
Rack Tom 2: 8 x 12"  
Floor Tom: 16 x 16"  
Hihat: Vintage Zildjian Bronze 60's 14"
Crash 1: Vintage Zildjian 70's 18"
Crash 2: Vintage Zildjian 70's 19"
Ride: Vintage Zildjian 60's 20"
Kit 2 - Vintage Rogers Holiday 69 Red Onyx
Kick: 20 x 14”
Snare 1: Ludwig Black Beauty 14 x 6.5
Snare 2: Woods Custom Oak 14 x 7
Rack Tom 1: 9 x 13" (Tuned higher)
Rack Tom 2: 9 x 13"  
Floor Tom: 16 x 16"  
Rack Tom 1: 9 x 13" Concert Tom (Tuned higher, No bottom head)
Rack Tom 2: 9 x 13" Concert Tom (No bottom head)
Floor Tom: 16 x 16" Concert Tom (No bottom head)
Hihat: Vintage Sabian Bronze 80's 14"
Crash 1: Vintage Ziljdian 60's 16"
Crash 2: Vintage Ziljdian 60's 17"
Ride: Paiste Dark Energy 20"
Muted Cowbell
Hi and Low Claves
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 (64-bit)
Intel Mac, OSX 10.7 or higher
Intel i5 or i7 processor
16 GB of RAM
7200 rpm HDD with a minimum of 15 GB free hard disc space
Internet connection for product authorization and 15 GB download
Uses PACE hard drive/system or iLok 2 copy protection (no iLok required)
Includes Standalone Player
VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats

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VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, registered in Europe and other countries.


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