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Evil Drums Eco Kit 1
About Evil Drums Eco Kit 1

Recorded by Joe Barresi (Tool, QOTSA, Bad Religion) in the Cement Room at Grandmaster Recorders Ltd. (Foo Fighters, NIN, Rancid) Evil Drums Kit 1 is a versatile Pork Pie kit suitable for modern rock, indie, pop, punk & metal.

This download only kit has been hand tuned for BFD Eco's reduced velocity engine giving excellent playability and sound for an exceptional price.*

Includes samples of grooves from our Bobby Jarzombek Metal Groove Library.

* Also compatible with BFD 2.1

Low resurce expansion kit for BFD Eco

“Platinum Samples is synonymous with quality. Beautifully recorded, with ultimate flexibilty”

- Atticus Ross (NIN, Korn, The Social Network)


Instrument List


Audio Demos

Evil Drums Kit 1 - Pork Pie Tobacco Satin
Pork Pie 18x22 " Tobacco Satin, DW plastic beater
REMO Power Stroke 3 (beater), REMO Clear Ambassador (front w/hole)
Ludwig 6.5x14" 70's Black Beauty
REMO Clear Black Dot
Zildjian A Series 14" Master Sound
Hi Tom :
Pork Pie 8x10" Tobacco Satin
REMO Coated Emperor (top), REMO Clear Ambassador (bottom)
Mid Tom :
Pork Pie 9x12" Tobacco Satin
REMO Coated Emperor (top), REMO Clear Ambassador (bottom)
Floor Tom :
Pork Pie 14x16" Tobacco Satin
REMO Coated Emperor (top), REMO Clear Ambassador (bottom)
Crash 1:
Zildjian A Series 18" Medium Crash - Brilliant Finish
Crash 2:
Zildjian A Series 19" Medium Crash - Regular Finish
Zildjian A Series 22" Ping Ride

Recorded by Joe Barresi at Grandmaster Recorders, Ltd Hollywood, CA

Drums played by Bobby Jarzombek (Halford)

Evil Drums Eco Kit 1 is 44.1kHz 16 bit with a maximum of 24 hand selected velocities

BFD Eco and BFD2 are registered trademarks of FXpansion

System Requirements

This expansion kit requires FXpansion BFD Eco or BFD 2.1 (or later)
Windows XP SP3 (32-bit), Vista SP1 (32-bit), Windows7 (32-bit), Pentium4-based CPU or better (Windows)
OSX 10.5.7 or higher, Intel CPU (Macintosh)
1 GB of RAM (Evil Drums Eco Kit 1 uses 243 MB)
7200 rpm HDD with a minimum of 2GB free hard disc space (4GB for full install)
Internet connection for product authorization
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